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Welcome to Achievers Academy,

The purpose of the educational programs of Achievers Academy is to provide an educational institution, which will benefit the child, the parent, and the community.  The philosophy of our program is to extend the learning process beyond traditional limits for children 6 weeks through 6th grade.  Its underlying mission is to provide educational and cultural enrichment in the Atlanta area.

The program focuses on values clarification, development of community awareness and identity and global and international consciousness designed to foster a sense of the significance of world peace.  In addition, through both the school and after-school programs, children are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for the state of being of the health of our planet.  Indeed, the concept of creating “citizens of the world” who are well-disciplined, thoroughly educated, creative community thinkers and workers is the primary objective of Achievers Academy.

Few decisions will have the lasting impact on your child than that of school choice.  We understand this and are here to answer any questions that you may have.  

We look forward to working with your family.

Take Care, We Care,

Achievers Academy

Why Achievers Academy?

Nurturing Environment 

Because we offer a nurturing learning environment, our students feel confident. This makes it possible to push our students beyond traditional limits.

"Grow the Whole Child" Approach

Our focus is to "Grow the Whole Child." This approach means developing a child academically, artistically, as well as socially. Our program places emphasis on the whole child approach.

Small Class Sizes

Because our student/teacher ratio is low, we are able to accommodate the individual needs of each student. Each child will receive individualized attention. We know the importance of reaching a child where they are.

We Care...

We take education serious, and our teachers care about each child's success. Our teachers create a bond with students and families.

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