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Achievers Academy has an open admissions process. This means, depending on availability, students may be accepted for the current school year.


Additionally, we accept applications throughout the year for the following academic year.

The admissions process starts with a visit to the school and a tour. Families can then submit an Enrollment Application. 

Our admissions team assesses the student application and corresponding documents and then schedules shadowing dates based on available space in the appropriate classrooms.


The Enrollment Process

Enrollment Process-2.png
    Come visit our campus to experience our school culture, programming, and community firsthand. Our main goal during your visit is to help you envision your child as part of our school community and to provide you with a realistic view of our students' everyday life. Call 404-755-1300 to schedule a campus tour.
    Schedule a classroom shadow day visit for students in kindergarten through 5th grade.
    Pay enrollment fees within 24 hours of acceptance notification. Please note that enrollment fees are non-refundable.
    Application Requirements: Application & Student Questionnaire All required supporting documents listed on page 1 of the application Please Note: Applications will not be reviewed until we receive all the information listed in steps 1 & 2. Transcripts are only needed for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. Please fill out one application per student. Send the application and all documents to
    Upon completion of the application review, families will be sent an email notification of whether we can accommodate your child at Atlanta Achievers Academy. The director will notify you of your child’s acceptance and start date.


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