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Our School

Atlanta Achievers Academy is a nonsectarian, independent school for children 6-weeks - 6th grade.  Our program is balanced in academic and artistic programs.  We aim to graduate students who are confident, happy, community-oriented, internationally savvy, and life-long learners. Achievers embrace a learning environment that is nurturing and considerate of each student’s individual needs.  

Our Philosophy  

The purpose of the educational programs of Achievers Academy is to provide an educational institution, which will benefit the child, the parent, and the community.  The philosophy of our program is to extend the learning process beyond traditional limits for children 6 weeks through 6th grade.  Its underlying mission is to provide educational and cultural enrichment in the Atlanta area.

The program focuses on values clarification, development of community awareness and identity and global and international consciousness designed to foster a sense of the significance of world peace.  In addition, through both the school and after-school programs, children are encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for the state of being of the health of our planet.  Indeed, the concept of creating “citizens of the world” who are well-disciplined, thoroughly educated, creative community thinkers and workers is the primary objective of Atlanta Achievers Academy.

Few decisions will have the lasting impact on your child than that of school choice.  We understand this and are here to answer any questions that you may have.  

We look forward to working with your family.

Take Care, We Care,


Atlanta Achievers Academy

Fun Facts

Founded:     2015

Mascot:     Phoenix

School Colors:    Maroon and Gray

Motto:    We Grow the Whole Child

Average Class Size:     14

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2719 Delowe Drive

East Point, GA. 30344





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